Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts, and I'm an instructor at Gold's Gym. I'm going to show you a few exercises that you can do for the upper part of the abdominals and this is really kind of for men, it's for women too but it's kind of unique. So, if you've got a floor kind of like a vinyl floor, hardwood floor, you can get some towels, washcloths. I've got two paper towels here, but if you're like oh no I've got a carpet, I can't do it, yes you can. Get, like, two paper plates out of your pantry right now and try these with me. So, all I'm going to do is come on, it's pretty fun. I'm going to take my shoes, put one on one paper towel, one on the other and send them straight out so all I am doing right now is plank. That is targeting the upper part of the abdominals and the lower, it's targeting everything. I'm going to pull both knees towards the chest and then press them straight out. So, the pulling and the pushing is working the abdominal area. So, another one I'm going to do, pike it up. Lift your butt to the ceiling, send it away. So lift, and lower. That is pretty challenging. Another one, I'm hold it here, open the legs, close the legs targeting obliques. If it hurts your wrist, feel free to come down no your elbows, same idea. I'm just going to open and close. Those are three great exercises that you can do with your paper towels, your paper plates. It's unique. It's different and it's going to challenge your muscles in ways you never thought they could be challenged.