Video transcription

Hello, my name is Brian Kessler. I'm going to show you how to download YouTube music. Okay, so the first thing we need to do is go to YouTube, and we find a video that we want, say, Frank Sinatra. It doesn't really matter, what music, whatever you like, I like Frank. My Life, great song for us, okay. So, we need something to convert that with. there are many solutions. We're going to use a program called YouTube Downloader. So, were just going to Google that to find where to download it from. And it says, download YouTube downloader, great. Next, install, it's done. Okay, we're going to tell it to start now, that's the default, finish. Okay, so let's go back. Here's our video, here is what they call a URL, universal resource locater. We're going to highlight that, control C to copy it, go back to YouTube, and already here. If it wasn't here, you could type it or paste it into here. If you want to paste it, just control V, here options for conversion, we don't need to do that, we just want to download it. You could go here to select where we're going to save it. So, let's put in into temp, audio, ok. It's telling me that I've just changed my default download directory. That's fine. And we're going to hit ok. And now, we're going to tell it to save it as My Way. And it's saving. It'll take a little while, depending on the size of the song, a larger song will obviously take longer to download and a shorter one will be faster. Okay, and so, our download is ready. Voila! Success. And that's all there is. Takes a little time, but it's very easy.