Video transcription

I'm Jory Jensen, baseball instructor. And today we are going to be talking about how to shrink a baseball hat. Baseball hats shrink, well, first off, there's two types of baseball hats. Those that are fitted, and when I say fitted, I mean hats that, that have a back. Actually, the hat does not change sizes. You can adjust the baseball hat if you have an adjustable cap by the strap that is on the backside of it. This is actually a fitted baseball hat, therefore you cannot adjust it by the strap. But a great way to change the size to shrink it is to just get in the shower. Get in the shower wearing your hat and then wear your hat until it is dry. Therefore your hat will shrink and as your hat shrinks it will form to the sides of your head, and more importantly, to the shape of your head. That will keep your hat the size you want it and it will help it to stay on your head during your baseball games. Or, if you are just wearing it around, it will also help you to wear your hat appropriately. My name is Jory Jensen, baseball instructor. And we are talking about how to shrink a baseball cap.