Video transcription

Hi. This Tara Pollak physical therapist at Evolution Physical Therapy here to teach you how to reduce ankle swelling. Now if Shawnta's left ankle is the swollen ankle, I'm going to want to lay her all the way flat on the table but then elevate the ankle higher than her heart. So for this, I'm going to take a bolster and slide it under both legs just so that's she's even. And this makes the ankle higher than her heart now. To also reduce swelling along with elevation is to use ice. So a gel back can go right over the swollen part of the ankle. And to even further reduce the swelling, you can use a compression wrap to help compress the cold on her ankle. So gong to wrap that around. Make sure that it's tight. Not too tight. You should definitely ice for anywhere for anywhere between a minimum of ten minutes and a maximum of twenty minutes. I'm Tara and this is how to reduce ankle swelling.