Video transcription

Hi. I'm Tara Pollak, physical therapist at Evolution Physical Therapy, here to show you how to put on a knee support. You want to make sure that you get the right size to fit your leg. The size are usually on the back of the box of all the general knee supports that you can get at most sporting good stores or rehab supply web sites or catalogs. They are usually made of neoprene and they have a strap that goes above and below the knee. So I would just slip this on and pull it up so that the hole is right at my knee cap. Making sure that you pull it up as far as it will go so that knee cap is sitting right into the hole. And then I always like to do the bottom support first. So you'll peel back the Velco, make it taut and then go ahead and lay the velco down. And do the same thing with the one above, taut and then pull it down. You want to make sure you don't pull it too tight. You might constrict some of the circulation in your leg and you might feel as though the back of the knee or foot is a little bit numb or tingly, then you want to loosen up on the straps. You want to be able to get at least two fingers under the support so that you know that you have the right fit. If it's too loose it will slide down and if it's too tight, again, you might constrict that circulation. I'm Tara and this is how to put on a knee support.