Video transcription

Hi, I'm Wendi Braswell, style and beauty expert. I'm here today to show you how to wear thigh highs. Well ladies, there's three reasons to wear thigh highs. Number one reason, you could guess it, they're sexy, alright? Number two reason is they are cooler than regular hose that come all the way up. So, let's think about this. If you're going to an event, and it's hot outside, but you need to wear hosiery to cover your legs, a formal, this is semi-formal look. You're going to need to wear hose. Thigh highs are appropriate, they're perfect for that. Easy on, easy off, but also gives you some freedom, and actually they're cooler. They are sexy, you're really not going to show them, it's going to be for your husband or your boyfriend only. I'm going to give you an example. You want to make sure that the dress that you're wearing does cover the thigh high. Now, they make many different types of thigh high, but they do have a sticky section, so that's how they stay up. Everybody's like, "How do they stay up?" So, you want to make sure that that's appropriately, and it's high enough, such as this, you can't even tell she has it on. I want to show you, though, what they look like. This is a sheer black thigh high, opaque. I recommend that one, it's much more flattering. So, I'm going to show you the top part of it. This is the top part. It does have a wide lace band to keep it up and hold it in. It will work, and it will have the support. It has a sticky little texture underneath. So, this is the appropriate way to wear a thigh high. You do want to pair it with the same color shoe. That's key, you don't want to do an off color, a lighter color, if you're going to do the black. And, again, the hemline should cover your thigh high. But, if you are going to an outside event, or a semi-formal event that it is in warmer climate, a warmer season, this is going to e a perfect way. And, plus, it's just darn sexy. So, enjoy your thigh highs. I'm Wendi Braswell, and you can find me at