Video transcription

Hi, I'm Sally Landau. I'm a Relationship Coach in Los Angeles, and my company is Dating Can Be Fun. The question is how do I get over a married woman? We might be asking yourself, how did I get in this place? How do they even date a married woman? Well, first of all, you might want to know that some people unintentionally and intentionally date people who are unavailable. Some of those are married people. It's a protection of sort. But, let's say you're in that situation and you fall for them; you're really crazy about them and they choose to end relationship whether they've chosen their families over you or they, it's just time for the relationship to end, whatever it is, you're hanging out with a heart that's broken. How do you get over it? Well, your friends are probably, you know, slapping you saying, "You should have never dated here; what were you thinking?" "Get over it!" Like there's a switch that you can just flip and get over it. So, okay, so, you need some time. You can look her once. It was never going to work out anyway. If you actually ever thought, even if you had pillow talk about, "Oh, I'm going to leave my family and I'm going to marry you", the percentage is like one, two or three percent of marriages that actually split up and, and that one person dates the person they're having the affair with. So, the chance that you're going to be the one in her life forever, not too great. So, you need to be practical about this. Spend more time you need to to lick your wounds and get well and in the meantime, when you're ready, thank yourself. This person brought out some really good juice in you. You have this ability to go head over heels and fall passionately in love with somebody. That means it can happen again. I'm Sally Landau, your Relationship Coach and my company is Dating Can Be Fun.