Video transcription

Hi, I'm Daniel Penselin, and this is how to prune evergreen shrubs. The things you will need: garden shears, gloves, and a rake. Begin by pulling the branches apart gently, and remove any dead, diseased, or injured wood, twigs, and branches that you find inside the framework of the shrub. Cut into a suspected branch with your clippers. Injured wood is anything that has a visible wound or is discolored. Ideally, you want the secondary branches to be opposing. Or one on either side of the main branch. Remove all crossing growth from the center of the plant. New growth will form, making the shrub bushy and full soon after pruning. Make all cuts back to a bud, branch, or a main trunk. Thin the shrub by removing excess branches so that you can see daylight through the plant. By allowing light and air to enter the center of the plant, you will improve the general health and appearance of most shrubs. And finally, rake under the plant to remove any fallen leaves and twigs. And that is how you trim your evergreen shrubs.