Video transcription

Welcome everyone. My name is Thanitra Pichedvanichok, otherwise known to my students as T. I'm a personal chef, caterer and culinary instructor at Tspoons, my boutique cooking school at Ladera Ranch, California. In this clip, we are going to show you how to clean a baking stone. Now, what I have here is my baking stone just out of the oven, so it's still nice and warm. And what we'll need to clean our baking stone is a wooden spatula, a soft nylon brush, and our hot water here. While it's still warm I am going to go ahead and use my wooden spatula and give our baking stone a good scrub to remove any excess food there. And all this browning that you see here on the stone is actually just due from pigmentation over time and from use. So, it's okay this won't come off but it gives your stone a little character. It looks nice and used there. So, now we are going to scrape off all the food. It comes off pretty easily so that's why it's important to keep it nice and warm while you are doing this. It's almost looking beautiful. Now, I am going to take my soft nylon brush with a little bit of hot water and by now my baking stone has come to about room temperature so I don't need my rag anymore there. And I'm going to give it a good rinse with the warm water. Actually now it's hot water and using my soft nylon brush I am going to give it a good scrub there. And you want to make sure you never use soap or any chemical products to clean your baking stone because it will absorb into the stone and the next time you bake with it, it could cause your food to taste soapy. So, all we are using here is a little bit hot water and the nylon brush. Give it a good rinse and make sure you dry it off completely. And remember you can always pop this in your oven whenever it's on a clean cycle if you want to give it a good deep clean. And now I have my baking stone nice and clean, and it's ready for its next use. And that's how you clean a baking stone.