Video transcription

Hi, I'm Dr. Lisa Benest, dermatologist in Los Angeles, California, and today I want to talk to you about how to get rid of liver spots. First order, liver spots have nothing to do with the liver. This was a term from many years ago where they really weren't sure what caused these brown spots on the skin but now we know and they are caused from sun damage. It's not maybe one exposure to the sun but accumulative exposure over the years of sun on the skin and so we tend to see these sun spots mainly on the tops of the hands or the arms or the face or the shins. These are areas that have gotten the most sun over the years. There are many different ways we use to treat the sun spots. The most simple way is using liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is basically a very cold air that we apply to the surface of the skin and it freezes those cells causing them to die off and a week later the whole spot peels off. We can also use some peels either a light peel all over the face or we can spot treat some of the brown spots with some heavy peels. This too will cause an exfoliation depending on the strength of the peel it might be light or heavy. Other methods that we use include lasers such as photo rejuvenation, also called photofacials. This light device will direct the energy toward the brown spots, cause them to pull up to the surface and within the order of about five or seven days, those peel off as well. Finally, we have a more advanced laser called Total Effects and this helps to resurface the top layers of the skin so you do get actual peeling of the top layers as well as a deeper benefit to the wrinkles and the tightness of the skin. One other thing you can try for sun spots would be bleaching creams. This is a prescription cream where you apply it to the spot or the general area that has the sun damage and over weeks to months it helps lighten up some of that brown pigmentation causing those spots. Thank you for watching. I'm Dr. Lisa Benest, dermatologist in Los Angeles, California and these are ways we use to get rid of liver spots.