Video transcription

Hi, I'm Gretchen Rivas with Relax! Massage Therapy, and today we're going to talk about Swedish message techniques for the shoulders. For this, you will need oil, a message table, and work space. Whenever you're working on somebody, oftentimes more than anything else, shoulders are where people have problems. It's where they store a lot of stress, and a lot of tension and a lot of their aches and pains; people carry the world on their shoulders, as the saying goes. So, you always want to warm up the tissue when you're working on somebody. And I've already oiled his back up and done some warming up over here. So, whenever you're working on the shoulder area, there's several different things you can do. You want to check all the rotator cuff muscles. So, you have interspinalis here. Make sure you clear all that out, work through there, super spinalis. Then you have your subscapula that's deeper in, and your teres muscle that's in there, down in here. And then also, you want to get through here and the trap, work on the trap muscle. And remember your lat comes up here and attaches up through here too. So, you can get in here and work this area through here, open that up. If they have a lot of issues going on in the rhomboids, you can put an arm up here, if it's not too painful for them. It helps open up the scapula area. You can get in there and open this area up along the rhomboids and the erectors, through this shoulder area here. It helps you see what's going on and access the shoulder a little bit more. So, you can do all this work on the shoulder when they're in the face down position and then when they're turned face up, you can also do a little bit more work to help loosen up the shoulder by working in the pec area and doing a little bit range in motion. An those are some techniques for Swedish message for the shoulder.