Video transcription

I'm Jennifer Jackson with Fusion Bodywork. We're located at 3098 South Highland Drive. Today I'm going to be showing you a few acupressure points to address low back pain. Okay, the first one I want to show you is broader 23. It's one and a half sune lateral to the du meridian and you're going to do this right on the bladder of the spinous process for the second lumbar vertebra. You want to do that, if you go to the edge of the ribs, come in and go slightly down and slightly out and then hold in that area. And the next one I want to show you is also in the bladder line, it's bladder 28, it's going to be down on the sacrum. This one deals with stiffness and pain in the lower back and it disinhibits the whole lumbar area. Again, following the du meridian, you're going to go one a half sune lateral. You want to be two sune inferior to the superior border of the sacrum so just press in there. And then last one I want to show you is just coming straight down into that gluteal fold. You're going to be right in the center and just press right in and those should help with lower back pain. Again my name is Jennifer Jackson, I'm with Fusion Bodywork and I just showed you a few acupressure points to deal with lower back pain.