Video transcription

Hi, I'm Seth Hampton, the movement master, and I'm going to be explaining hamstring exercises for arthritis pain relief. So, we've explored a bunch of hamstring glute exercises, now we're just going to get a little more specific into the hamstring itself. A little bit deeper, this is a similar exercise we did before. It's going to be the same idea of the bridge lifting up, but I'm just going to extend my heels out a little bit more. Just by doing that movement alone, it takes it more out of the glutes and into very specifically the hamstrings. So, with this range of motion, again, I'm going to flex my feet, and begin to lift up slowly, and just hold it right there. Again, for purposes of arthritis, go slow and easy, and be wise. Pamper yourself, but do involve movement. So, here it is, as I'm in the air, I'm going to slowly draw my heels towards just to feel that connection. And, just explore this movement. If I feel comfortable, I'll go a little bit higher, and then I also have the option to do a pelvic tilt at the top, and this pelvic tilt goes right into the work, let me tell you. Rolling back down. It looks like nothing, but it's a lot. We also the option to have a bit of fun with some props here, too. I'm going to take this rubber ball, and place it under my feet, so that my feet are planted on the ball, and all I'm going to be doing is rocking in and out, keeping my feet connected to the ball the whole time. And, just this movement alone is connecting into the hamstring area. You can work up to a more challenging range of motion, where you plant your arms down and lift the pelvis up. Balance is the key here, and do the same movement. That's deep. Be cautious when doing this, make sure you're up for it. Another option for a similar type of exercise is to use a foam roller. This is a wonderful piece of equipment that everybody should have. There's so many wonderful things you can do with a foam roller in terms of massage, and rolling, and exercising, but here's just one example of a very simple, remedial non-weight bearing movement you can do for your hamstring, just like the ball. It's actually a little bit easier. Rolling in and out, focusing on that hamstring as you draw your feet in. And again, when you start to feel stronger, lift the pelvis up, and try the same movement. Yes, this is challenging, but it targets exactly the area that you want to. Slowly come down. Again, a nice little stretch for the hamstring in the range of motion that works for you after doing it, and you're complete. I'm Seth Hampton, the movement master, and this is hamstring strengthening for arthritis pain relief. Take Care.