Video transcription

Hi, I'm Seth Hampton, the Movement Master, and I'm going to be demonstrating thigh strengthening exercises for arthritis pain relief. We're going to be concentrating on the inner thigh right now. So a couple different ways to really target the inner thigh in a very protective easy way, one is to lie down on the side, again, on a comfortable spot on the floor or even on your bed, I'm going to straighten the bottom leg all the way out. And we've got a couple different positions we can play around with. The most easiest is to place the knee back behind the leg and the movement is simply going to be to lift and lower, lift and lower, really focusing in on that inner thigh. We can take it up and hold it for a count of five to ten when we start to get a little bit stronger. We also have the option of an ankle weight around the ankle to increase resistance. Another option for the leg is to place the leg in front, capturing knee to knee to support lifting and lowering, just like so. And another way of comfort is to lie all the way down if it's too much to be on your elbows. You can be here, we can also take this knee and lie completely down like this and perform the same movement, so it's best to sort of play around with it to find a comfort zone that's right for you. An even easier exercise is to grab a nice little squishy rubber ball like this. And I'm going to lie down on my back, place it right between my knees and, you guessed it, squeezing in, releasing. Squeezing, releasing. We can do this lying down. It's comfortable for pretty much any age range to do this. If we want to increase a little bit, we can lift our pelvis up and perform the same movements. We can hold it in there, we can do little pulses it's all up to what feels right for you. It's all about exploring movement, whatever you're doing. I'm Seth Hampton, the Movement Master, and this is thigh strengthening exercises for arthritis pain relief. Take care, now!