Video transcription

Hi, I'm Seth Hampton, the Movement Master and I'm going to be talking about hip and knee joint exercises for arthritis pain relief. These are very easy remedial exercises that target the hip/knees and also can strengthen the whole outer side of the quad. So finding a very comfortable position on the floor or on your bed; I'm going to be lying on my side. My bottom leg is going to be bent for total comfort and I'm on my elbow. What I want to make sure of is that my hips are completely stacked and that I'm in a good range of motion on the side. The movement is simply going to be to lift the leg and lower the leg, very easy. You don't want to lift it too high, just about a foot, all the time monitoring that the hips stay totally stacked and that they don't wiggle back and forth; imagine like a steak right through your hips for stability, lifting and lowering. Another option is to lift and hold. When you start to feel a little bit stronger, you can hold it for a good count of five to ten and when you start to get even more strong, you have the option of adding an ankle weight wrapped onto your ankle that'll give you some more resistance, lifting, lowering or holding. My name is Seth Hampton, the Movement Master and this is hip and knee joint strengthening exercises for arthritis pain relief. Take care!