Video transcription

Hi, I'm Seth Hampton, the movement master, and I'm going to be demonstrating piriformis stretches for arthritis pain relief. The piriformis is a muscle in the gluteus maximus area, that actually aids in external rotation. It's part of a layer of an area called the deep six muscle, and it gets very tight at times, and this is a great stretch for it. So, I'm going to be lying all the way back down, again in a comfortable spot, your choice, on your bed, or on the floor. To begin with, a very remedial version, simply grabbing onto your knee, and crossing your mid-line, focusing right here, kind of like underneath your gluteus maximus right here, and just drawing it into the left side of your chest. That's the way we start. As we begin to increase the stretch, and our flexibility gets better, then we're going to put the foot on top of the knee, and just start from there. I like to like slightly press the knee outward, and that gets into the muscle a little bit deeper. And then, as your range of motion increases, you can capture the opposite knee, and draw it into your chest like so, and that really gets in there. This is a nice stretch here. We can even go deeper than this. We can take our elbow, and capture it on top of our knee, and press outward, and that will deepen the stretch there. And then lastly, you can take your foot on top and flex it, and that really increases the stretch. So, a few different ways to advance to getting as deep as possible. It's a very important stretch, especially for sciatica too, it really helps. I'm Seth Hampton, the movement master, and this was piriformis stretch for arthritis pain relief. Cheers.