Video transcription

Hello, I'm Michael Piacenza with Advantage Pest Control in St. Petersburg, Florida. One of my customers asked me the other day, "How to kill fleas with salt?" Salt has been used for centuries as a desiccant to dry things out; to dry out leech nits and fish. Okay. So, it will dry out the eggs and the pupa if they comes in contact with enough of it. Now, salt is also a, a crystal in structure and theoretically, if an adult flea moves through it, it's going to scratch the adult flea, it's going to cut its excel skeleton and they're going to dehydrate, they'll bleed out. Okay. But, it's not the most practical approach. It's, now, who wants the, their house covered with salt, you know. And, salt is also corrosive; so if it gets wet and it gets around anything that can oxidize, you're going to end up with rust. So, it's not my recommended approach. Now, why would you ask this question? It's because you want to kill fleas in a safe way. If you want to do it in a safe way, my recommendation is to use a combination of boric acid and botanical mixture of botanical pesticides with somebody like EcoSMART. That's what I use. A mixture of their EcoSMART Exempt at about 50-50 with the boric acid and do a light dusting, just enough to put a light dust across all the surfaces, on the floor, the furniture, in the carpeting especially, dogs beds, all of that. What's going to happen is that boric acid is a desiccant, it will dry out the eggs. Alright. It's boron-based. If it's ingested by the larva, it's going to screw up the digestive enzymes and they're going to die of starvation because they won't be able to assimilate any nutrients. Okay. And, it's not going to do much for the, the ones that are in the pupa stage, in their little cocoons, just like wearing armor. Okay. Then, for the adults, they only live for seven to ten days. If you're looking for a safe, safe solution, just go with what I've said and keep that dust down. In about thirty days, you'll be flea free. If you can't put up with it, you might use some kind of a pyrethrin-based spray; go through, that's an adulticide, it'll knock down the adults. You might have to do a re-treatment in about two weeks. Hit it again; just make sure that when you're using both of these products you wear a mask and then, lathe the area before you go back in just so you're not breathing in the dust and the gases. After it's down, it's fairly pretty safe. Hope this was helpful. I'm Michael Piacenza with Advantage Pest Control, coming to you from sunny Florida.