Video transcription

Hello, I'm Michael Piacenza with Advantage Pest Control here in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida. Well, the other day a customer asked me, "How do I keep bugs, wasps, bees and mosquitoes out of my yard?" So, any stagnant water, you want to get rid of that. Alright. The leaves will accumulate in pretty nice moist area. Another thing is your garbage. Okay. You want to have your garbage sealed up pretty tight, your garbage can or plastic bags. Use heavy duty bags; keep the lids on your garbage cans because that's going to attract a lot of different things including bees. The bees come in and, and get the sugars. So, you've had a little picnic outside with your family; alright and the mosquitoes drove you in and you left all the stuff sitting out there. Alright. So, now, you got cans sitting out with soda; those are going to be an attractive for the bees and, and wasps. Okay. So, you can do a lot to keep them out of the yard. Now, the other thing you can do is you can use some light pesticides, alright. Use something like a pyrethrin spray. Okay. It's made from chrysanthemum. It's fairly safe stuff. And you can lightly spray your shrubbery and some of the, the grass and this is going to take care of the stuff that's, that's local. You can also spray up underneath your eaves and they need the places where the wasps and the hornets like to make their little nests. You can use that same spray and go around the base of the building and create a little perimeter for your house, you know. This should help you out and it's not going to keep you bug-free, especially not here in Florida; but, it's going to make a lot better for you. Hope this was helpful. I'm Michael Piacenza with Advantage Pest Control in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida. Have a good day.