Video transcription

Today, I'm going to demonstrate how to prune a peach tree. These are the materials you'll need: Hydrogen Peroxide or alcohol or diluted bleach to kill any bacteria or fungus on your pruners, a sharp pair of pruners and of course a peach tree. Here we have a very young grafted Florida Prince Peach Tree. So this little tree will receive its first cut. As a rule of thumb, your lateral growth should be about eight inches above your side branches. So, and when you prune, you want to come in just above a node at an angle, about a quarter of an inch and this will insure that the new growth grows upward. So, we're going to take that branch back. We want all of your lower branches to be the same height. So, basically you want to pick any suckers off of the trunk. As this young tree grows, you want to elevate the branches to probably get it to grow a four foot trunk and then have all of your growth and canopy above that. And there you have it. This little peach tree should come into full production in several years. It doesn't take long when you have a grafted tree. I'm Jene. Have a great day.