Video transcription

Hi, I'm Johnny Miles, head golf professional at the Lake Powell National Golf Course in Page, Arizona. I'm going to talk to you about the shoulder turn in the golf swing. I'm going to keep it really simple, don't worry about it. I've seen more people worry about their shoulders and ruin their golf game, that anything else taught in golf. First of all, you set up, you take your grip, your hands and the club start to back swing, you swing it behind your shoulders. What did my shoulders do? They turned naturally, okay. On the forward swing, I take my arms and I swing the club at my target, just like that. Again, my shoulders turned naturally. They follow my arms, wherever my arms go. On the forward swing, as I start my, ease my arms to start to swing, guess what? Every part of my body responds to that, at exactly the same time. So, don't worry about your shoulders, keep it simple, guess what? You're going to be a better player, I'm Johnny miles.