Video transcription

I'm Jaime from Studio 24 at Salon Republic, and today I'm going to show you how to diffuse hair for straight hair. Usually, we use a diffuser for curly hair, but if you are wondering how to use a diffuser for straight hair, I actually don't think it's necessary. But, if you insist to do it, basically what a diffuser does is to block the wind of the blow dryer so the heat will come out of the blow dryer, but you won't, like, mess up the hair too much. So, when your hair, it's wet. Apparently the model's hair is kind of dry, but you can just use the diffuser, put a diffuser on a blow dryer and turn on the blow dryer, and you can just kind of hold the hair. So, you can either use your hand or a brush. So, you can see what I did. Basically this just kind of dries the hair without changing its form. So basically, when your hair is straight, the hair will be dry, but you will just be straight. I'm Jaime from Salon Republic, and this is how you use a diffuser on straight hair.