Video transcription

Hey, this is Johnny Neeley, volleyball coach here in Salt Lake City. I'm going to talk to you about the different volleyball positions. To get a frame of reference, it's important to know who the setter is. Often, the setter will run to the net or will be standing at the net. They're the player that will set the ball to one of the hitters. So typically a team will pass the ball to the setter. The setter will set one of their hitters and then the hitters will spike the volleyball or hit the volleyball. One of the main positions on a volleyball court, the player who hits on the strong side or the left side, is often referred to as the outside hitter. A volleyball team will generally have two outside hitters on the court at the same time, one will be in the front row, one will be in the back row. Another player in the front row, a player who hits from the middle is called the middle hitter or the middle blocker. Typically, the middle will run in, hit lower sets quicker sets, it helps to run a little bit faster offense. A third option that the setter may have would be to set behind, for the setter to set behind them, that set goes to a player that's on the right side. They are called the right side or the opposite hitter. In the back row there's different, generally you're going to have defensive players playing in the back row. There is a player called the libero who is allowed to run in and out of the court for different players in the back row and their main focus is just to play defense. A lot of times you'll see the liberos wearing a different colored jersey. They're the ones that a team relies on to play really tough defense and dig the ball to the center. Again, my name is Johnny Neeley, volleyball coach here in Salt Lake City, and I just talked to you about the different volleyball court positions.