Video transcription

Hello, I'm Mike Rhodes; Ten Pin Alley, Wilmington, North Carolina. We're talking about cleaning your bowling ball. For this, you will need a bowling ball, cleaner, a rag. If you'll notice when you're bowling a league, as you roll the ball, you should be familiar by now is you get some oil on the bowling ball. With this new react of recent bowling balls especially they really have a habit of absorbing that oil in, into the ball itself. What you need to do is get you a ball cleaner. I think each company has their own brand, any of them are good as long as after the league, at the end of each night, you need to take that, some of that and just spray it on the bowling ball and let sit for a little bit to get down in there and just wipe it off. What that does is it gets that extra oil, not yet; we'll be collecting overtime, so you do need to bring it into your local pro shop and let them clean it for you once in a while and get down in deep on the pores of the ball because it will tend to lose its reactivity after you use it for, varies on how many games. But, once you start seeing the ball hook less and less, it's probably time to bring it into a pro shop. Just be sure you do this cleaning on regular basis. It will extend the life of the ball to its maximum amount. And that's how you clean a bowling ball.