Video transcription

Hi, I'm Daniel Robb, hair stylist from Los Angeles, California and today I'm going to show you how to do a messy bun. You will need a brush, a comb, Bobby Pins, hairpins, a rubber band and hairspray. First, we're going to take our rubber band and I'm going to pull the client's hair back into a low ponytail. This bun is going to be a low messy bun. I'm going to have the client tilt her head forward and hold it there, pull the hair tight and the rubber band doesn't have to be put in tightly, just enough to hold the hair until you wrap it. Second you want to take the client's hair and twist it and because it's a messy bun you want to leave the ends out, then hold the hair in place and grab your pins. I'm going to start with Bobby Pins to help anchor the hair in place. So I'm using smaller Bobby Pins so this is going to take anywhere between 15 and up to 20 Bobby Pins depending on how secure you want the hair and of course, depending on the thickness of the hair. My client has a lot of hair, it's quite thick and the Bobby Pins will be hidden so it really doesn't matter how many you use and next, I'm going to use some hairpins just to give me a more finished look and cover any of the Bobby Pins that could be showing. And you'll need maybe five to ten of these and then the last step is to spray it. So, have your client bring her head up and you want to just use enough spray to control some of the little fly aways but because it's a messy bun you don't necessarily need it to be sleek and polished and that's it. I'm Daniel Robb, and thank you for watching my video on how to do a messy hair bun.