Video transcription

Hi, I'm Karen Mecham. Welcome to Advanced Detail. We're going to show you how to get the streaks out of the front window of your vehicle. The materials you need are T-shirt material, glass cleaner, microfiber towel. The first thing you need to do is choose a really good window cleaner. Go to your auto supply store. Don't buy the cheapest thing. Buy something really good, and if you have after-factory tinting on your windows make sure that cleaner is alcohol based because if it's ammonia-based, there is a risk of damaging your tinting. Now, we're going to spray the window, be generous but not drippy then using a surgical type of towel that's lint free, you should be able to get all the streaks off the window. We're first of all going to reach to the center and go up and down, up and down all the way across lifting that windshield wipe to get underneath, turn it over and do it one more time. Now, you're not just wiping here, you are pressing hard, cleaning a windshield is not an easy job and you want to do it the best you can, get in the corners, get under the windshield wipers, get across the trim at the top. Now, it's beginning to look good. Then taking a microfiber towel, also very lint free, you can also purchase these at your auto supply store, again up and down firmly on the window, you can feel it begin to slide and polish as the window comes clean. You will be able to know that you've done a good job. Again, under that windshield wiper, don't forget. Sometimes the windshield wipers have not been replaced as often as they should be, and the metal parts have touched the glass as the windshield wiper has gone back and forth and actually etched the glass, caused a permanent damage to it. Please be sure, check your windshield wipers often, keep them in good repair and you will avoid that nasty streak. Again, I'm Karen Mecham. This is Advanced Detail, and now you know how to keep your windows looking their very best.