Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jordan Carlman, and today we're going to talk about finding someone's cell phone number. Now, other than the obvious, finding it from friends, or already having the number that's been given to you, it is very difficult to find someone's cell phone number that you do not have. Customers anonymity is protected by their carrier and their is no directory for cell phone numbers, such as the phonebook. So, do not look in the phonebook, you won't find it there. Your best options are going to be one of two options. One, going online and using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo!, you can search the person's name and you might find maybe a social networking site where they've actually listed their number, or two, you can actually use third party market apps on your cell phone if you're using your cell phone such as the T-mobile My Touch or such as the Blackberry Storm. These phones have a third party market to where maybe if you've received a phone call from this person that was blocked or something to that effect, you might be able to find the number that way, or maybe it can help you with your social networking sites, organizing the phone numbers of the people who have them listed. Other than that, there are not many options to find someone's cell phone number you do not have.