Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jordan Carlman. Today, we are going to talk about getting out of a cell phone contract without incurring an early termination fee. Now there's many ways to go and do this, I would say though make sure that you apply for all of these options before contacting your carrier to take advantage of them. The first one would be if you are within contract, contact your carrier and see if they have an option that allows you to convert from your contracted version of your plan to maybe a plan that does not have a contract ever again. There's going to be some give and take with this. Maybe you'll have to give up cell phone discounts or maybe you'll have to change your rate plan. But generally the pros will outweigh the cons and if you are at a certain point near the end of your contract you will be able to do this without any fee whatsoever. Now the secondary ones are ones that you do have to apply for so please make sure that you fall under these guidelines before taking advantage of them. One of the things that you can go ahead and do is contact your carrier and let them know that you are a member of the military and if you are being deployed or if you are going to be in any sort of training facility for a long period of time and can't get to your cell phone, you can get out of contract generally for those reasons. Or if a cell phone holder or the main billing name on your account has become deceased. At that point you are generally not going to be held to the contract. In any of these cases I urge you to contact your cell phone provider and ask them if you can take advantage of these options. This is how you end a cell phone contract with no early termination penalties.