Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jordan Carlman and today, we're going to talk about sending a text message. And what we're going to do is we're going to show you from a standard phone with a standard keypad, like the Motorola RAZR that we have here. Remember, you may need to check with your manufacturer or user's guide to see if these instructions apply for you. Now, in using a standard phone, you're going to end up on your home screen to start with and that's where I'm going to take you here. Your home screen generally has some form of background that you've customized yourself. The keys that you're going to want to know at this point are your soft keys which are located on the left and right hand side of your phone. These keys are always associated with whatever options is in the lower left or lower right hand corner of your screen. You'll also need to know the directional pad which is generally the circle here in the middle that points left, right, up and down and has your okay button here in the middle. This will select okay within any option that you are on the side. Now, any time you're on the menu option that you want to exit quickly, you have the red in call button. So, if you end up confuse or you want to go back to the start, you can always press that at any time. At this point we have messages in the lower left hand corner of our screen; by pressing the left soft key, I now go to my messaging center on this phone and I have options. The first option I want to send the text message is new text message. By pressing okay on my directional pad, I am now asked who I would like to send my message to. In the lower left hand corner, I can press the soft key to add a contact. By pressing this key, now I can see all of my different options for adding a contact. Your best option will be contacts themselves. Remember, check with your manufacturer or your user's guide to make sure this information applies to you. Within contacts I'm going to have every contact within my cellphone. Using the directional pad, I can scroll up to the contact I would like to send the text message to, press the okay button in the middle of my directional pad to select them and now, pressing done with my left soft key, I would be ready to send the message to them. As you notice, now I can input a message. For the purposes of this video, I would just put one letter in the message and then, I will use the okay button to send this message. As you notice, my okay button is now associated with the word send which is in the middle of the screen. It's as easy as pressing send to send that message to the recipient that I would like to send it to. And that is how you send a text message from a standard phone with a standard keypad.