Video transcription

So, just how do you do a belly flutter in belly dancing? Hi, I'm Johanna Krynytzky from Hip Expressions Belly Dance Studio here in St. Petersburg, Florida helping you with your flutter technique. For this you're going to need an empty room, a mirror, some inspirational music and an empty belly is important for belly flutter techniques. So, with your empty belly, knees bent, feet together. Belly technique, when you work on your flutter is not necessarily the same muscles you use for your belly roll. Your belly roll uses abdominal muscles; your flutter technique uses your diaphragm. Well, how do you find your diaphragm? It's actually through a Yoga, a Yoga posture called Uddiyana-Bandha; it's one of the, the bonds of the body and what you need to do is first blow out all your air, "Whewww", and then you're trying to take a deep breath in without actually taking breath in. What this does is it sucks your organs up into the space where your lungs would normally take air, so it creates that vacuum. So again, it's like taking in that deep breath without actually inhaling. So, exhale, "Whewww", and then, inhale like someone has smothered you with a pillow, although it's not so nice when you think about it, "Whew". Now, the more you practice this, the more you'll see that what the ribs are doing is the ribs are sticking out and you have this nice hollow space in your belly. The more you practice and the better you get at it, the deeper your Uddiyana-Bandha posture will be. So, that's the first step. And then, you take the diaphragm and then, you're going to make a, it's like a, "Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah" sound with your throat and that's what's making your flutter. So, you're going to exhale, "Whew", take a nice deep breath in without inhaling and then, flutter the diaphragm. Now, the first step is you have to get your Uddiyana-Bandha. So, a nice way to practice that is if you bend, bend over, hands on the knees and then, just round out the back a little bit and relax the belly. And then, exhale, "Whew", nice deep breath in. You can work on really getting a nice deep Uddiyana-Bandha here and then, standing up with it, you get that nice, rounded look. And then from there, you're going to work on getting your flutters. So remember, don't engage your abdominal muscles and work from your throat and your diaphragm. Even better, find a local teacher near you where you, that can help you with your belly flutters. This is Johanna Krynytzky, helping you with your belly flutters from Hip Expressions Belly Dance Studio in St. Petersburg, Florida.