Video transcription

Hi, my name is Chris Noble. I'm an independent IT consultant. My website is This is a short video on how to set up a router. The things you'll need for this are a wireless router. A laptop or a desktop computer. A high speed Internet connection and an Ethernet cable. First step is to unpack the router or wireless access point. Plug it into the connection you want to be sharing. Plug an Ethernet cable into the laptop and into the wireless access point and then access the login page. Now you'll need to login to the wireless access point. Typically the login page can be found at 1 line but many different wireless access points and routers use different IP addresses. Please check the IP address of your router when looking in the documentation provided to you. The next step you'll need to do in this process is to change the administrative password. The password you logged in with to make sure no one else can gain access to your router. Choose something that you'll remember and make sure you write it down. The next step is to choose the security you are going to use on your network. You can choose from things like WEP or WEPA encryption. Choose a password that's secure enough for your network. And make sure the users that will need to connect to your network, know them. And thirdly, you need to create an SSID or network name that people will see when searching for your network. The last step is to give the key that you've setup in the access point to the people that need to connect. All they need to do is search for the wireless name that you provided, click on it. Enter the wireless key that you provide them. My name is Chris Noble, thanks for watching this video.