Video transcription

Hi, my name's Chris Noble, I'm an independent IT consultant and professional photographer. My website is This is a short video on how to connect Ethernet cables. All you need for this are an Ethernet cable and somewhere to connect that Ethernet cable to. Ethernet cables use Category 5 UTP unshielded twisted pair cable with an RJ45 connector. An RJ45 connector is that little plug on the end of the cable that has the spring loaded clip that will clip it into place. All you need to do is get your cable, and get the thing you're plugging the cable into, which is most likely a router, and just simply plug the cable into each end. Once you've plugged the cable into both ends, which should typically be from your computer to your router, or from your router to another computer that you're plugging into the network, then you'll need to check that the connection works. Most computers will just tell you that the Ethernet is now connected, if you've connected your computer to a router. If you don't see that notice, then your computer may not be connected, and you just want to re-seat the RJ45 connector. My name's Chris Noble, thanks for watching this video.