Video transcription

Hi, my name is Chris Noble. I'm an independent IT consultant and professional photographer. My website is This is a short video on how to back up your computer. Things you'll need for this are an external backup disk. Or a backup disk external drive is the best for this. A computer and back software. If you are using an Apple Mac then you can use the time machine software that Macs have available to them. It's pretty amazing software it will give you the ability to go back in time over almost any period of time to your computer and how it was at that point. All you'll need is a disk that's the same size or larger then the disk in your computer. And that will allow time machine to store all of the data that's on your computer on that disk. So, in the event of a system crash you can just restore the data from that machine. If you are using a PC then you'll want some software that's readily available it's not time machine, cause that's just for Apples but there's lots of software out there. A quick Google search will find the right software for you. And they will work in much the same way as time machine. All you need to do is keep the disk that's larger or the same size as your computer disk plugged in for it to work. Once you have a back up disk of your computer created by one of those software applications, you might want to consider having it off site. If you have everything on the same location then if your computer gets stolen there's a chance the thief can also take your backup or if your worse case scenario have a fire. There's a chance that your backup disk can also be damaged by that fire. So, keeping it off site is something to consider. My name is Chris Noble thanks for watching this video.