Video transcription

Hi, I'm Doctor Ray Wisniewski, America's health care answer man. Today, we're going to talk about how to ease the pain of a pinched sciatic nerve. These can be very painful, yet there's certain things that you can do that dramatically and instantly really take some of the pressure off. Number one, lay down on your back, you can bend your knees, then pull the knees gradually towards your chest. You want to just, not, you don't want to go real hard, it's just a gradual pull that's going to take the pressure off of the nerve. Once we do that, you're going to hold for approximately eight seconds. And you do this about ten times. The other thing, you can even pull and you can have a slight rocking motion while we do this. The other thing we can do to take care of the piriformis muscle. Because one of the causes of sciatica is the piriformis muscle, which is a small muscle that forms a triangle where the sciatic nerve goes through. If that piriformis muscle goes in to a spasm, that will actually choke down on the sciatic nerve, that choking down, that clamping down on the sciatic nerve causing a lot of pain. Now, to correct this what you're going to want to do is cross the leg that's involved, so in other words, if it is your right sciatica, you're having pain down the right leg, you're going to lay on your back, bend both knees, then cross the right leg over the top of your left leg. You're going to grab the thigh of your left leg and pull that leg towards your chest. As you're pulling it towards the chest, that's going to stretch the right buttocks area, particularly the piriformis muscle. That will allow that to stretch the piriformis relieving that spasm. Then you can either lie on your back or on your side, pulling your knees towards your chest and putting a pillow between your knees legs. But the main thing is you really need to get to the cause of this condition and that is a misalignment of the vertebra causing the pinching of the sciatic nerve. So, if it's pinched, we need to unpinch it. So, what you need to do is seek a great structural corrective chiropractic professional. When you see a great chiropractor, they can almost instantly take the pressure off of this. Because it's a physical problem. You have something absolutely physically pinching, choking that nerve. All we need to do is physically unpinch it, take the pressure off and you'll see almost an instant correction and alleviation of this. But until then, let's have you lay on your back, pull your knees to your chest, take the pressure off the nerve.