Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jene with Jene's Tropicals. Today, I am going to demonstrate how to care for a pomegranate. Here are the materials you'll need. A pair of pruners, 2-10-10 bloom and fruit booster, and citrus 4-6-8 and Neem oil for fungus and insects. First of all, you'll need to prune the pomegranate so that you have very good air circulation. And also tip it. The blooms come out on the new growth so you want as much new growth as possible. The next step would be to fertilize with a 2-10-10 bloom booster and fruit set in January. As the trees are just coming out of dormancy. This will also help strengthen the root system. Next would be to fertilize with 4-6-8 citrus and tropical fruit fertilizer. This would give the tree added nutrition throughout the year. If you have any fungal problems such as leaf spot or any type of an insect on the new growth such as thrips, Neem oil is a great spray to use on the tree. It's natural and very, very effective. I'm Jene have a great day.