Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jene with Jene's Tropicals in St.Petersburg, Florida. Today, we're going to discuss, caring for lemon trees. You'll need the following materials, number one, you'll need 4-6-8 Citrus fertilizer, then you'll need 2-10-10 Fruit and Bloom Booster. You'll need a sharp pair of pruners, some Conserve Naturalyte and Neem oil for any fungal or any other type of insect. Also, another very important item that you should have is a trace element spray, it comes under the name of Citrus Nutritional Spray and it takes care of any minor element deficiencies. During January and February, it's a great idea to spray the tree with a trace element spray. Because during the winter months the tree will not readily absorb nutrients through the roots. So, you want to spray the foliage and the leaves will absorb all the vitamins and they'll be, turn a nice, healthy green. And then as time goes on, like around February, March, put the 2-10-10 Bloom Booster around the base of your tree. It's low in nitrogen, high in potassium phosphorus, and that'll give your tree a great boost for blooming and fruit set. Late spring, early summer, you want to put the 4-6-8 Citrus Fertilizer at the base to give it healthy growth throughout the rest of the year, and then use this again around August. Also, during the summer months, if you have a problem with leaf miner, one easy way to tell if your leaves area really buckling. And if you flip the leaf over, look on the back and you see a serpentine pattern, spray with Conserve Naturalyte, most likely it's leaf miner and this is the only product that works on that. Also, if you have any little Thrip, Afid, Mealy bug or any little insect problems, Neem oil is a great fix for that, it's a natural product and it works really well. And the last step to ensure a healthy tree, would be to prune your tree properly, keep the center thinned out. So you have good light and good air circulation, then you'll have less fungus and disease problems. And also, this little tree is loaded with fruit, pick your fruit and enjoy it. I'm Jene, have a wonderful day!