Video transcription

Hi, I'm T.C. Mohr with The Avenues Day Spa in Salt Lake City, Utah. We're talking about how to reduce eye bags. Eye bags, the discoloration under your eyes and the puffiness comes from accumulation of fluid and it being a thin skinned area. There is a few home remedies that you can use. Of course you can apply tea bags to the eye, cold cucumber slices to the eye, as well as an ice pack. You can also use a purple concealer dotted under the eye and make sure that when you are using a concealer, to use your ring finger to apply it. This is the finger with the least pressure. There is also many products out there, one of which we sell here Lucrece Contour Eye Cream that reduces puffiness and eye bags. How to reduce eye bags, I'm master aesthetician, T.C. at The Avenue Days Spa in Salt Lake City, Utah.