Video transcription

Hi, my name is T.C. Mohr. I'm a Master Aesthetician at the Avenues Day Spa in Salt Lake City. As a Master Aesthetician, I give a lot of facials. Here in our facials, we use steam, hot towels and many products that cause the pores to open and of course, you want your pores to close at the end of the facial. By using a toner at the end of a facial which is a cool mist, we return the skin to the natural pH level that it, it's at so that it's no longer susceptible to any environmental damage. You can do this at home with a toner, cool mist of water or you can also use splash your face with cold water over a sink. After you've opened the pores with any source of steam, hot towels or a hot shower, it's important to close them. We can do this by applying toners. It's very important so that your pores do not get clogged and so that they were more readily, your skin is more readily accepting of the nutrients from your moisturizer. This is T.C. Mohr, Master Aesthetician at the Avenues Day Spa talking to you about how to close your pores.