Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tiffany Fluhme, founder of Fluhme Beauty. Today, we are going to talk about the steps to applying eye makeup. When applying eye makeup, you will need the following tools. You will need a variety of makeup brushes. You will need a concealer, the eyeshadow colors that you will need to complete the look, your eyeliner and your mascara. Take the concealer brush, and we're going to apply the concealer to the under eye area and cover any dark circles. I recommend using a concealer brush when applying concealer. You will also take the concealer brush and apply concealer to the entire lid and brow bone. This will provide a nice eyeshadow base, and highlight and brighten the eye. You can take your finger and gently pat your concealer to blend. Your next step will be the eyeshadow. I always begin with an eyeshadow base, and to apply the base you'll need a large blender brush. The base or highlighter is always the lightest color. You apply the base to the entire lid, and in this case we're using Angela from Fluhme's Night Light palette, and apply the base to the entire lid and brow bone. Your next step will be to contour the eyes. Today, I'm going to do a soft, feminine look and use a pale pink eyeshadow color in the crease. I'm going to use an angle crease brush and we'll take the pink eyeshadow and apply it directly to the crease. You can then take your blender brush or smudge brush. The next step would be to apply the eyeliner. Today, we will use Fluhme's Cream eyeliner in onyx, which is black, and use an angle liner brush. Very close to the lash line you will simply paint your line across the lash line, extending all the way to the inner corner of the eye. For a little more drama, I would thicken the outer end of the eyeliner. Moving on to the bottom liner, I would again start at the outer aspect of the lower lash line and paint a very thin line across the entire lower lash line. The final step in eye makeup application is the mascara. To lengthen and thicken the lashes, we will use Fluhme's lush mascara in black. You're going to go underneath the lashes, starting at the inner corner of the lashes, extending all the way to the lash tips. Then, you apply the mascara to the bottom lashes. And those are the steps to applying basic eye makeup.