Video transcription

Hello, my name is Odelia Mirzadeh, and I'm the co-founder of Innovative Speech and Language Pathology. I am here today to talk about how to become a speech therapist. A speech therapist, often referred to as a speech language pathologist, is a licensed health care professional who diagnoses, evaluates and treats children and adults with speech impediments and communication difficulties. They, as well, help with disorders affecting speech, language, voice, fluency or stuttering, auditory processing, swallowing, reading and writing comprehensions, dialectal or accent reduction as well as public speaking. You may find detailed information on how to become a speech therapist by visiting which is the American Speech and Language Hearing Association's website. You will then need to obtain a Bachelor's Degree from the Communications Sciences Disorders Program with at least maintaining a B average to be considered a candidate for graduate school. You may find a listing of accredited graduate schools that you would like to attend to by visiting ASHA's website. You will then be required to complete several hundred hours of clinical application, which is a one-on-one work with the clients. You may choose the different settings that you would like to work in as well. After that, you will be completing the graduate work and the clinical hours in the graduate program. You need to complete a pass a national examination and complete about nine to eighteen months of post graduate clinical experience in different settings that you may choose to gain experience in. After completing your nine to eighteen months and passing the national examination, you will then become a licensed health care professional and you may also obtain your C's from ASHA; and that concludes our session on how to become a speech therapist or a speech language pathologist.