Video transcription

Do you have a piece of wooden furniture in your house and you're not happy with the color of it? I'm Dave Trull with The Trull Gallery, and I'm going to talk to you about how to re-stain wooden furniture. What you are going to need is the piece of furniture you are going to change, some fine sandpaper, stain and some finish. It's a pretty simple project based on the piece. If it's a very elaborate piece, of course there's more work, more sanding to be done, a simple table isn't too bad and you may want to start small on your first try. What we're going to do is give the piece a light sanding. If it's an holder piece you may need to wipe it down with some degreaser just to get all the fingerprints off after you sand it. We are going to clean it off with a tack rag to get rid of all the dust. Once we have got it clean we want to go ahead and use our stain. We're going to wipe on our stain. I prefer a wipe on with a clean rag, T-shirts, old T-shirts are great for this. I love T-shirts as finishing rags. What we're going to do is wipe the stain on and then wipe off the excess. We are going to leave that to dry over night. Once that is dry we are going to come back and put on three to five coats of your finish whether it be urethane or varnish or schlack, whatever varnish you choose to go with. So, that's how to re-stain a piece of furniture. I'm Dave Trull with The Trull Gallery, the fine art of furniture making.