Video transcription

Hi, I am Bill Walker and I am going to show you how to shorten faux wood blinds. You will need a flat headed screwdriver and a pair of scissors. The first step is to mount the blind into the window. Drop the blind down all the way past the bottom window sill. This will help determine the number of slats to remove. For instance if there are 2 slats that are hanging down below the sill, then you will want to remove them. Next remove the buttons on the bottom of the rail by gently prying them off with a screwdriver. Cut the lift cord away from the bottom rail. Pull the cord out of the slats you want to remove. The slats sit inside a corded ladder. Remove the slats from the ladders, string the lift cords through the bottom rail hole. Tie a knot in the lift cord making sure it is big enough so it won't come back through the bottom hole rail. Lift the blind and look to see if it is parallel to the window sill. If it is not you will have to make an adjustment to the length of the lift cord. Do this by retying the knots. Next cut the excess length of the ladders and stuff them back into the holes at the bottom of the rails. Now replace the buttons in the holes, the buttons hold the ladders in place. And that is how to shorten faux wood blinds.