Video transcription

Hi, I'm Bill Walker. I'm going to show you how to install roller blinds. You will need a drill, a Phillips drill bit, a pencil, a measuring tape, the brackets for the blind, screws that came with the blind, a level and the roller blind itself. You will need to measure the spot where the brackets will be mounted. For an outside mount, measure the width of the edges of the window, then subtract the width of the window from the width of the blind. Next, divide this number by half. This will tell you how many inches past the window frame to mount the brackets. For example, if the roller blind is 40 inches and the width of the window is 34 inches, that difference is six inches. Now dividing this by half will give you three inches. Then you would measure three inches from each edge of the window and this is where the brackets will be mounted. Now mark the spot where one bracket will be mounted with a pencil, insert the drill bit into the drill. Now screw the bracket into place. With the one end of the roller shade in the bracket, place a small level on the shade and level the shade. Place the other bracket into the shade end and mark the hole for the bracket. Now, secure the bracket and insert the blind. And that is how to install roller blinds.