Video transcription

How do you meet men over fifty? Do they like hanging out in the same club? Well, no, not even know they're over fifty. Well, the cool thing with today is a lot of men over fifty are in really, really, really good shape and you can't tell. You can't, you know, it's hard to tell anybody's age today. So, if you're interested in meeting a mature man, I would think about where they are and where they aren't. It's possible that they aren't at rock concerts. It doesn't mean all of them; I'm not talking about generalities, it's just that, I mean I'm not talking about specificity, I'm talking about general situations. Men that are over fifty are maybe, maybe they're with some Beatles tunes. They probably want to be in a restaurant where they can hear their partner. You know, we have a lot of restaurants that we go to, really, really noisy. So, we want to go to places that we think that they go to. It could be a book club, it could be a film club. It could be the theater. It could be a bookstore. It could be music store, although a lot of that is online today. It could be, speaking of online, it could be in a tacky store. It could be in a hardware store. It could be in a lot of places. The fact is, if you want them to notice you, just be yourself, smile. It could give a conversation anyway either with body language, just saying, being in a happy way or talking to them about what book they're looking at or would they advice that book. Should, should you read that book? Anyway, you can figure out to start a conversation. That's how you can get connected. I'm Sally Landau, your Relationship Coach. My company is Dating Can Be Fun.