Video transcription

Hi my name is Tanya Batts and I'm a personal trainer at Gold's Gym. So if you really want to exercise at the gym and lose weight a great idea is to get a trainer. A trainer is going to help you along the way, show you what you have got to do to lose weight, kind of helps you with nutritional tips and things like that but let's just go to the gym, come on. The things you will need for this are some dumbbells, a step, a mat and some space. Alright so I've got hand weights because any type of resistance is absolutely going to help me burn more calories. I'm going to start with a little bit of cardio. So I'm going to face this and I'm going to keep my hand weights in the hand the entire time. I'm going to step up on a step and add a knee, just doing one side. You could even lift the arms up, lift. So because the arms are going up, I'm going to burn more calories and then you want to do the other side. Alright, so another thing I'm going to do because I want my heart rate to go up. Of course it's starting to get up but I want it really high. I'm going to jump up and down off this step for one minute, not really but I'm here, but you want to get like a stop watch or something and you could put risers underneath this but because I got extra weight, a little harder, three, two, one. That was a short minute. But I want you to keep going for a minute. So again I have got my weights. I'm going to jab, kind of shadowboxing with the weights. Man that works your back, your arms, your heart rate, upper cuts. I am going to punch straight up, bam, bam. So again, my arms are going above my head which means my heart rate is going up. But those are a few things you can do, shadow boxing, upper cuts, even hook that is working all the muscles along the shoulder, along the back. Then you put the weights down if you want because you don't have to do it with the weights and of course you can do something like you could do the same thing we're doing again. You can do like little one minute intervals, add a kick. You can tap the floor if you want or tap the step but you want to do one minute intervals. So do a minute jumping up and down, a minute stepping up and kicking and a minute of shadow boxing. Do it over and over and over again. It's going to help you burn calories, going to get you in amazing shape and it's targeting every single muscle in your body. So, that's how you are going to lose weight at the gym.