Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts. I'm a Personal Trainer at Gold's Gym. How to lose belly fat after menopause? The things you will need for this are a mat and some space. If you've gone through a menopause, your hormones are really changed a lot and what happens is that you're going to, instead of you're going to reduce your count caloric expenditure by a hundred and fifty calories which means you're usually, you're burning a hundred and fifty calories less than you normally would. So, what we got to do is you're going to work a little harder; you got to keep moving, that is critical. Another thing, osteoporosis. You absolutely want to incorporate strength training into what you're doing to help increase that bone mass and the bone density. Alright, so let's start with some belly work 'cause that's what you're wanting. Okay, I just want you to come on down, one vertebrae at a time and get comfortable. Hug the knees into the chest 'cause we're going to work on the abdominal muscles with Pilates. So, hold one knee into your chest, setting the other leg on an angle towards the ceiling or if you want a little more challenging, that leg long and parallel with the floor. I'm just going to pull one knee into the chest, then the other. It's called a knee pull. You can lift the upper body off the mat if you want; but don't use the neck, use the abdominals. I'm going to add a resistance; I'm blocking the knee. So my head or your head can go in the floor anytime 'cause this is really challenging; two, one. Alright, so that's a way to get the belly. Another great one is I'm going to take one leg up and draw circles on the ceiling with one leg. That is really targeting the abdominal muscles. Looks really simple; but I promise you, just give it a try. Lay on the floor, think of that leg as being long and heavy and that's really working the abdominal muscles on the side. Same I'll do with that leg. I'm going to lower and I'm going to lift. Again, it looks really easy and feel free to purchase a pair of ankle weights if you want. Inhale, exhale; I'm pulling my belly in. Whew! And that is really targeting the abdominal area. So those are a few things that you can do after menopause that's going to kind of help target the abdominal area; but you absolutely have to get moving, get the cardio up because you're going to be burning a hundred and fifty calories less than you used to before menopause.