Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ali Reynolds with Ali's Organics, and today we're going to be planting sweet potatoes. And we're going to need the sweet, sweet potato plants. We're going to need a fertilizer that's well-balanced, like this one. It's a 3-2-2, it's a vegan mix. We're going to need a shovel and of course a spot to plant. When we get our sweet potatoes, they come into mail or you can get them at your local nursery; but, sometimes they get really wilted looking, just, just like these guys are. But, there's nothing wrong with them as long as they're not dried out, then they'll just pop right out of it in no time. We're going to dig us a nice size hole, deep enough to fit this root system and all the way up to the roots are growing. We want to work a little bit of this fertilizer into the soil in, in our hole that we've dug. We're just going to kind of work it in with the existing soil and then plant our sweet potato right in this hole. Cover it in. Firm it in there nicely. We don't need help from Jupiter. And we're going to plant this about every two to three foot apart. We're going to stick another one right here, about two foot apart and we're going to do the same thing. Just put it in a couple of tablespoons of our fertilizer, working it in and put our sweet potato right in here. Once we got these all planted, we're going to water it in thoroughly and once we've watered it in thoroughly, in about a month from now, we're going to want to come around the base of this plant and sprinkle a little bit more of this fertilizer, a couple of tablespoons. Cover it up and that's about all it's going to need for growing sweet potatoes for this year. They're going to get big and they're going to fill in this whole entire area, and that's how you plant sweet potatoes.