Video transcription

Hi, I'm Johnny Miles, PGA golf professional at the Lake Powell National Golf Course in Page, Arizona. And I'm going to show you how to put more spin on a golf ball. Now, when you want more spin, it's generally going to be with a sand wedge such as a 54 or 56, 58, or 60 degree wedge. And it does help when you want to stop that ball pretty quickly on a pin position that's cut close to the green. Now, the same thing that controls distance controls spin. The two things that control distance are how far you swing your arms back and the club, and how fast you swing your arms forward. Well, a lot of people tell you that you have to hit down on a ball to put spin on it. That's bogus. When you swing a club forward, all you have to do is number one, to get the ball up in the air with some spin on it, is brush the grass. I'm going to show you how to increase that spin. And spin is the revolutions that you can put on a golf ball. So, the first one is very simple. I set up, I take it back short. I brush the grass, and I get a nice high shot, and it's got plenty of spin on it. But, I want to put more spin on it. This is very very simple. You do the same thing except you take it back a little shorter and then swing your arms faster. And when you do that, you put a lot more spin on that ball, and it's going to dance. You control spin by how fast you swing your arms on a forward swing. So, if you've got a tight shot to a tight pin position, take it back a little shorter, swing your arms a little faster, and make sure you brush the grass on the forward swing. I'm Johnny Miles.