Video transcription

Hi, I'm Johnny Miles, PGA golf professional at the Lake Powell National Golf Course in Page, Arizona. I'm going to show you how to hit a punch shot. Now, I'm going to show you different methods. Again, I like method number two, but method number one is the one you see a lot of, especially in windy conditions. You're a 125 yards out, the wind's blowing hard into your face at 25 miles an hour. Normally you might hit a wedge or a nine iron. But hey, that's not going to be real smart today, because that wind is going to blow that ball all over the place. So, you want to hit a punch shot, and by that you want to hit a low shot that goes underneath the wind. Now, in method one, what you do is you aim just slightly left of your target, you move the ball back in your stance, you choke down and then when you hit the shot, keep your wrist pretty firm to the hitting area. And you hit a nice low shot. It works. A lot of players use that. But I've got a better shot. And the reason I think it's better is; I started out in the panhandle of Oklahoma as a kid. And trust me, the trees grow to the south there. That's in the winter time. In the summer time, they go to the north. That's hard the wind blows in that part of the country. So, you have to be able to hit what we call a low shot. I call mine the kiss method knock down shot. It's very simple. The two things that control distance are how far you take the club back and how fast you swing your arms. So, I don't want to make a lot of adjustments. I want to use my natural swing. So, if I want to go a 125 yards, and into the wind, I might take an eight iron or seven iron. I'll set up normal for that lie of the land. Now, with this eight iron I'm not going to even choke down. I'm just going to take the club back shorter and maybe swing a little softer. And I want to hit a perfect hundred and twenty five yard shot into that wind. Takes a little practice to get your distances down. But you don't have to change your swing. The two things that control distance, the length of your back swing, and how fast you swing your arms. And that makes you the captain of your own ship. I'm Johnny Miles.