Video transcription

Hi, I'm Johnny Miles, PGA golf professional at the Lake Powell National Golf Course in Page, Arizona, and I'm going to give you some practice techniques for beginners. First, I'm going to give you a little advice. Take lessons from a qualified instructor. They have a saying in our business, "Amateurs teach amateurs to play like amateurs." Now, the first technique that you want to learn is the KISS method: Keep It Simple Stupid. You hear all kinds of things in the golf business. "Left arm straight!" "Head down!" "Eye on the ball!" None of those really have a lot to do with the game of golf. What they do though, is add a lot of tension. If you want to become proficient, ya have to develop a proficient golf swing. Now, the one thing that you want to remember is that the golf swing is no more than a circle on a plane. So, the first practice technique is to set up, keeping your knees bent, put the club in front of ya. Now, swing it back like a baseball bat, and swing it forward, just like that. That's actually the perfect golf swing, just like that. The club is doing exactly what it's supposed to, my hands brake properly, and my body follows my arms. After you practice that, going back and forth, developing a little timing, all ya have to do is take the golf club, tilt it to the ground. Now, it goes from flat to semi-flat, or semi-upright. That's the difference a democrat who's conservative, and a republican who's liberal, okay? Now, all ya have to do is swing the club behind your shoulders, and then behind the shoulders. See, it's just a circle on a plane. Just like that. And, you practice this. This teaches you to control your body, control the club, which in effect allows you to control the ball and tell it where to go. So, practice a circle on a plane. Another technique that will really help you is called a swish drill. You can hear distance. You take the golf club, you put it in your left hand, okay? You swing the club back with one arm, maintaining this angle as long as you can, you use your arm and you swish the club. The faster you swing your arm, the farther the ball's going to go. Not your forearm, not your hand, but your arm. When you do this exercise, allow your body to follow your arm, just like that. After you do that a few times, you turn it over, put both hands on it, feel the same thing, just like that. Now, there is one third one that you're going to like. Some people get really violent, and they lose their balance. Well, there's a technique that you can use to regain the feeling for balance, and the first one is, you take an iron, you set up with your feet right next to each other, and you practice hitting shots with your feet together. If you don't fall over, your balance is going to be pretty good. Now, technically, you can't swing a driver any faster than you can a wedge. Your arms are the same length, no matter what club you have. It's the club that swings faster. So, the odds of losing balance with a longer club are greater than a shorter club, so you want to test that too. So, you want to set up, feet together, ball's pretty neutral. You swing it back, and you swing it forward. You keep your balance. Hey, you're doing really good. I'm Johnny Miles.