Video transcription

Hi, I'm Johnny Miles, PGA golf professional at the Lake Powell National Golf Course in Page, Arizona, and I'm going to give you a hot tip on how to use use a left arm control to improve your golf game. Now, what I teach is this. Number one, once you get into a good position, which means you've gripped it, you set up to the ball, you got the right ball position, I actually teach that the hands and the club start the back swing together, just like that. The hands and the club initiate the backswing. And, what you do is you start it back, and you swing it behind your shoulders. Now, ya hear a lot about left arm control. if I have a pupil that's a little disjointed, they're having a tough time, they're picking the club up, or their hands are starting first, and not the club, I use a thing called a one piece takeaway to get them out of those bad habits. And, by that, I have 'em take their grip and their set up, and then they take their left arm, the club, and they start it back together in one piece, just like that. I tell 'em only to worry about it for about the first 12 inches. After that, doesn't matter. It's already set in motion. So, they set up, the left arm and the club start out in one piece, 10 to 12 inches, and then you just go on back. You achieve the same thing. Eventually, once you get a cure for the mistakes, you want to go back to relaxed in the hands and the club start to backswing. You really want to eliminate tension in your golf swing. So, I like to get comfortable, and just start it back together, and go from there. Now, left arm control is not on a forward swing. In golf, you use your arms, not your forearms, and not your hands. So, your arms make the forward swing, both of 'em together. So, when I step up to a ball, I start it back properly, and then on a forward swing, I take my arms, both of 'em, and I swing the club at the target, and allow my body to follow my arms. So, a hot tip: If you're strugglin' a little bit, you're inconsistent, work on a one piece takeaway, and pretty soon, you're going to have some consistent direction on all your golf shots. I'm Johnny Miles.